At one time, Ray Catena was mostly alone in his category. Then countless other luxury dealers began promising what only Ray Catena can deliver.

The question was raised by Mr. Catena: “How can I get above all that and raise the bar. And don’t tell me I should do my own commercials.”

Our Solution:
The Agency repeatedly went back to the drawing board. They developed countless approaches but the one that always stood out was the one utilizing Ray Catena himself.

Finally, the new campaign broke–with Ray and his customers as spokespeople. SPA’s insistence on using Ray was an instant success.

The Results:
The campaign, which is still running has led to an average of 18,000+ web hits a month and an overall 15% increase in business in a down market.


Health Care

Sid Paterson Advertising was hired to help them reach new enrollment goals for their various health initiatives.

Competitors were outspending them by a wide margin.

Our job was to provide them with the most exposure working within their limited ad budget.

Our Solution:
We devised a multi-media plan to geographically cover their target audiences via TV, radio, print and out-of-home.

We selected dates and day parts that allowed us to make a significant impact despite limited advertising dollars.

The Results:
SPA delivered superior creative along with an imaginative media plan: all of which was implemented to achieve maximum results.



Wilens & Baker charged us with creating and implementing a distinctive TV and out-of-home campaign.

It needed to separate them from the hundreds of law firms offering similar services in the marketplace.

Our Solution:
We created an ad series that featured the popular TV news personality John Roland.

Utilized 800 vanity numbers Wilens & Baker owned, to create state-of-the-art testimonial commercials.

Surrounded this with complementing subway ads, which created a synergistic effect.

The Results:
Our creative strategy combined with our media plan succinctly targeted their core audience.