Health Care

Sid Paterson Advertising was hired to help them reach new enrollment goals for their various health initiatives.

Competitors were outspending them by a wide margin.

Our job was to provide them with the most exposure working within their limited ad budget.

Our Solution:
We devised a multi-media plan to geographically cover their target audiences via TV, radio, print and out-of-home.

We selected dates and day parts that allowed us to make a significant impact despite limited advertising dollars.

The Results:
SPA delivered superior creative along with an imaginative media plan: all of which was implemented to achieve maximum results.



Wilens & Baker charged us with creating and implementing a distinctive TV and out-of-home campaign.

It needed to separate them from the hundreds of law firms offering similar services in the marketplace.

Our Solution:
We created an ad series that featured the popular TV news personality John Roland.

Utilized 800 vanity numbers Wilens & Baker owned, to create state-of-the-art testimonial commercials.

Surrounded this with complementing subway ads, which created a synergistic effect.

The Results:
Our creative strategy combined with our media plan succinctly targeted their core audience.