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Digital Marketing

Campaigns That Click!

One need only ride a train, a bus or get on an elevator to realize that these days most people get their information electronically. SPA was quick to recognize this phenomena and quick to capitalize on it.

Blending a proper mixture of old fashioned “street smarts” with advanced technology we have developed successful digital and social media campaigns for many of our client/partners. At SPA no ad campaign is ever complete until the mobile, Internet and analytic components are in place.

While other agencies are trying to play “catch up” we are busy leading the way.

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It's In Our DNA

With a team of award-winning creative people and our own in-house production studio SPA is able to deliver superior advertising from concept to finished production to our client/partners…and do it for a fraction of what it would cost to outsource it.

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Where It All Began

While print circulation has declined in recent years it still remains an important part of the overall media mix. Our expertise in print advertising is second to none. From newspapers and magazines to multi-faceted collateral, we deliver results that our clients count on to increase traffic and drive sales everyday. Contact us today to find out how to wield the power of print for your business.

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SPA welcomes you to the great outdoors! Our talented team of art directors takes great pride in developing outdoor advertising that is eye catching for those customers who can only give us a few seconds of their attention as they move about during the day.

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Direct Response

Click, Call or Come In

Direct response is one of the most powerful types of marketing: used effectively it can generate sales immediately and boost a company’s bottom line. But, implementing it optimally takes years of experience, experimentation and perfection.

With fifty-plus years in business, you can rest assured in our ability to put together custom tailored direct response campaigns that will bring results.

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Beyond the Basics

Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. For most  of SPA’s client/partners we have developed analytics and applied it to their business data, to describe, predict, and improve business performance. While many so-called digital agencies stop at clicks, impressions, and calls, we go beyond the basics to put data into context that leads to positive change and a higher ROI.

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Media Planning & Buying

More Bang for the Buck

Effective media buying requires strong relationships with key personnel at both online and offline advertising venues as well as intimate knowledge of key demographics and effective and efficient media pricing in our clients’ target markets. With five decades' worth of contacts and contracts to leverage, we are in a best position to buy the right mix of media that brings the most bang for every buck in your marketing budget.